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Emily Jane Foods

Emily Jane's new book 'Back to Natural Eating' has been released in hardback.

Emily Jane Foods

Low Carb Recipe book: Meals, Snacks, Desserts and More...

Many have found that eating a diet lower in carbohydrates – specifically highly processed grains and sugars, may be beneficial to health. The introduction of such vast quantities of grains and sugars, which now make up the bulk of our diets, is relatively recent and many find that they are unable to eat such foods without adverse health effects. These types of high sugar and starch foods can cause problems in the body; including unhealthy insulin spikes which, when consumed often, can play a part in dangerous diseases such as diabetes and cause unpleasant weight gain. Also making it difficult to lose the fat, once gained.

My book ; “Back to Natural Eating recipes by Emily Jane,” includes recipes using natural, real food as a basis to create gorgeous, tasty dishes which are grain free and as a result are lower in carbohydrates. However this doesn’t mean all carbohydrates are completely off the table. Quality carbohydrates in the form of colourful fruits and vegetables are healthy power packs and are coupled perfectly with a diet full of healthy proteins and fats such as meats, eggs, nuts and seeds.

I started Emily Janes Foods to bring back fabulous tasting food for those who want to eat healthily whilst still indulging in cake, pizza and other naughty treats made guilt-free.

Gluten free, Grain free, Refined sugar free,
Lower carbohydrate, Natural, High protein, Primal-esque.

Please visit my website to read my story, view my products and learn more about Emily Jane’s Foods™, www.emilyjanesfoods.com.

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Back to Natural Eating recipes by Emily Jane (Hardback edition) [Hardcover]

Back to Natural Eating Recipes by Emily Jane

Back to Natural Eating Recipes by Emily Jane

Author: Emily Jane Whiteley
Publisher: Whiteley Publishing Ltd


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